Compare new pensions

It’s never too early to start paying into a pension even if it’s only a small contribution – the earlier you start the more you will benefit and the less you will have to contribute for the same retirement benefit.

A pension is the most tax efficient way of building an income for retirement and without one you are missing out on tax savings of up to 50% for every contribution you make. For a basic rate tax payer this means a contribution of £100 will only cost you £80.

Review and switch

Make sure your pension is working as hard as it can by using a pension review service. You can use our free service if you have a personal pension or a pension from a previous employer but not your current employer. You can ascertain if your existing provider is charging higher fees relative to other providers, discover the best performing funds available and maximise your available money in retirement. Finally, fund consolidation may also produce further gains by reducing overall fees.

Pension release & income drawdown

  • Are you aged 55 or over?
  • Do you have a UK pension that you are not yet taking benefits from?

If so, you may be eligible to take a tax free lump sum up to 25% of your pension’s value. This is possible even if you are still working but it’s important to speak to an advisor to discuss your options.

Compare annuities

Guaranteed income for life anytime from age 55. Why not maximise your pension income by comparing annuity and income drawdown plans across the whole market. Comparing all your options could give you up to 40% more income from age 55 than if you were to stay with your current pension provider. Now that’s not something that should be overlooked! You may continue working while drawing pension benefits.

Tax relief of up to 50% on pension contributions

Free health check Best performing funds

Consolidate & Reduce fees

Release 25% of your pension fund tax free now

Increase your retirement income up to 40%